Painting in the backyard

The girls felt like painting today, and the weather was gorgeous, so I set up a little painting ‘station’ for them on one of our backyard tables. Ainsley ended up with a painting/stickers mixture to create a wintery Christmas scene, and Avery wanted to paint what she saw. I ended up standing in the spot where I had been photographing them for quite a while so Avery could paint me standing there. She did a pretty great job! Then, she asked Ainsley to pose in a chair for her and proceeded to paint a picture of that, too. I included a side by side of Avery’s painting of Ainsley and my photograph of Ainsley that I couldn’t pass up :) Then the final draft of my photo of Ainsley that I am absolutely going to have printed.

Here is me holding my camera :)

The capture I’m planning to print :) The dappled light on her hands kind of bothers me, but I tried to fix it and it was impossible to make it look natural…

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