Yearly Bicycle Classic

Our town hosts a yearly “Bicycle Classic” every spring, and for a few years now, the girls have done the early Saturday morning public races. Just for fun, of course :) I was glad to see that Avery wasn’t the only overly-cautious 6 year old girl with training wheels. She did get poked-fun at by the announcer, however, because she put cowboy boots on to do the race, and I was so worried about getting out of the door on time with all of our paraphernalia, I didn’t even notice what type of shoes she’d put on until we got there! We had a fun morning, which began really early with a good breakfast…

Ainsley was up first for the 50-yard 4 year old race. She was all smiles :) Not a real stressful stretch of road, and she did it last year without issue.

After Ainsley’s race, it was Avery’s turn, but there was a little down time. Ainsley and I found a good spot to watch for Avery and people- (or maybe just dog-) watch for a while. Avery’s race this year went around the block, which I was worried about, but she did so AWESOME!!!

It was a great morning! The girls were so proud of themselves, and I actually teared up a few times during Avery’s race because I was SO PROUD of her for doing that whole lap around the block by herself! It was amazing :)

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