“Finding the Frame” e-Learning project

I thought I’d post about this on my blog just to get the word out a little more. I spent the first 3 or so weeks of my summer this year putting together this document which ClickinMoms has available through their site. If anyone that reads my blog is interested, the links on the photo are deactivated, but they’re relinked here: Members | Non-members (scroll to last choice). I’m really excited about this and I totally poured myself into it for quite a while, so I’m kind of proud of it. Lots of introspection and learned a thing or two about my own concept of what I feel is good photographic composition :)

8 Responses to “Finding the Frame” e-Learning project

  1. Fab, l am loving this breakout!

  2. Jodie says:

    Purchased with thanks! All the way from New Zealand!

  3. Kirsten Arial says:

    I’m so hummed I missed the opportunity on this! Just saw it today…it was available through yesterday. Will it be popping up again anytime in the future?

  4. Erin Clausen says:

    Hi Allison — Just discovered your blog recently through CM and love it. Bought the mini-breakout and started printing the PDF while multitasking. Apparently, my printer ran out of toner midway through, and I can’t seem to find the PDF on my hard drive (not even 100% I downloaded it). Is there anyway I can get another link to it? I tried through ClickinMoms, but to be honest I don’t use that site much and am easily confused by their organization/navigation. I can’t even find the link to your session now. :(

    • Erin Clausen says:

      Please disregard that! I found the PDF. Off now to see if I can get the video to play with more than just sound… I am seriously technically challenged these days.

      • Allison says:

        Hi Erin! Glad you figured it out — make sure you play the video with Quicktime, otherwise it might not work properly!

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