She grows!

I wish I could say the first picture was foresight, but it was accidental, really — that I put her in front of something that could then be used later to show how much she’d changed and grown. If you click to see the picture larger, it’s much easier to read and understand. It’s amazing to me how different she looks and how much taller she is compared to the beginning of this school year, and even more so since the first picture was taken. I’m so proud of my girl!

The last picture was taken today, which isn’t truly the last day – tomorrow is. I couldn’t take it tomorrow because I’ll be at work at the end of her minimum day, but I figured she’s probably not going to change too much from today to tomorrow :)

ETA: I just realized she has Crocs on in every picture. Someone (me) has a Crocs addiction… yikes! But seriously, how many kids’ shoes can you put through the dishwasher?

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