Meet Domino

Maybe, anyway. I have definitely decided to commit to thinking about possibly perhaps adopting this kitten. Naming him means I’m probably not going to be able to say “no.” Avery made a list of possible names tonight and I agreed to listen to them at dinnertime. Her list included what I expected: Fluffy, Whitey, Snowball. BUT, her list included names I really loved: Simon, Frisco, Razor, and Fragile, pronounced “Frah-Gee-Lay,” of course. Oh how I love my children… they keep me laughing all day. But, one name really stood out to me, and that was “Domino.” How can I say “no” when she made such a valiant effort to give him a great name? Ainsley’s submissions were pretty much the same as Avery’s, just with “Mr.” added to the front of them — Mr. Fluffy, Mr. Fluffles, Mr. Snowy… you get the point ;)

We went over to my friend’s who’s fostering them to help play with, feed, bathe (they started eating some kibble and get FILTHY…) and snuggle up the three kittens for a nap. Both girls loved every single minute of it. Possibly a little too much, as they wanted to carry them around like ragdolls, and it’s hard to tell a little girl to put down a sweet, furry kitten :)

So anyway, here is Domino (maybe) and his siblings.

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