DIY Tie-Dye

Avery had to give a presentation today about the planet Mercury, but she had to do so as someone other than herself. So she wanted to dress up as a comet, who had flown by Mercury and had observed some information about the planet… I had rainbow-colored crepe paper that we affixed to a belt and from a headband so she’d have a colorful “tail” following behind her, but she needed something else. I frantically searched Amazon and Ebay for a kid-sized tie-dyed shirt, and they were too much and shipping would take too long. So I decided to see if I could make one myself, and a-Googling I went. Turns out you can do a faux tie-dye effect with markers, rubbing alcohol, and rubber bands. First you section the shirt off with rubber bands (this much I knew…) then you color each section as well as you can with the marker and let them dry. Once dried, you take rubbing alcohol (we used an eyedropper) and squirt the rubbing alcohol onto the shirt to help ‘blend’ the colors. After that dried a while, I washed the shirt in the kitchen sink with liquid laundry detergent, which of course washed out much of the color, but Avery liked the effect and wore it today to present her project as Avery the Comet :)

Faux Tie Dye

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