Saturday in SF

Saturday morning, we woke up and met up with some friends that live in the Bay Area. We shopped and had lunch and had beer :) Then, later in the evening, we got to go (as VIP’s, no less) to a screening of Dana’s PSA “To the Power of You” (see here!), which won an award and Dana got one of those fancy director’s things that I don’t know the name of :) Afterwards, we were treated to a viewing of “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold” (a Morgan Spurlock project) which was really fun to watch in a room packed with film-makers – LOTS of laughing!

A busy, but really fun day!

So, for my Thirty Days of Thankfulness “project,” I’d have to say that I’m thankful that I now belong to a family full of brilliant, creative, talented people who I love spending time with!

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