Adventures in Baking

The girls and I (mostly Ainsley, though Avery’s interest was certainly piqued when licking the utensils was mentioned…) baked a cake today for a friend’s birthday. Ainsley is VERY motivated to cook… it’s amazing, because I’m pretty sure I was only born with a baking gene, so baking we did. I thought it’d be fun to document it for her so she could see herself in action. I really didn’t do a whole lot, just supervised, measured things, washed dishes, and documented. They added sprinkles at the end, and it was kind of lacking in creativity, so I added some dorky swirls which were a hit with the birthday girl. It was a fun process. Too bad we can’t eat cake every day! When we finally got to have a slice, Ainsley told me, “Mom, I make the best cakes ever.” She’s so modest!

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