First Production :)

Avery was in her first play on stage last night. It was so fun! She had a great time, even though she told me she had “shaky legs” when she had to say her part. She’s had such an awesome experience at school so far — I’m so thankful :) The play was called “Arf!” and was about a big group of dogs competing against each other to see which one was most talented. It ended with the only mutt of the group belting out dog-related Shakespearean lines – he was chosen, of course as “best in show.” Such a cute story… I did catch it on my Flip, too — but the lighting threw everything off and the center stage is too bright to make anything out. Trying to figure out if it’s salvageable… Avery looks so tiny in these pictures — mostly because the majority of the girls who played the Dalmatian parts were in second grade and are more than a year older than her :)

This felt sort of like the grand finale to her first grade year. She’s VERY excited to be a second-grader after 4 more days of school!

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