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258 – 260.366

Another camping trip. Seriously, we have a sickness. We got there at almost sunset on Friday because of school, work, and soccer practice. But we got there just in time for the kids to hang out together for a while… Continue reading ⟩⟩


My photo today is nothing special, just the globe in my classroom. As I was editing it, I was thinking back to earlier this week, when I subbed for a first grade class at a low socio-economic school in my… Continue reading ⟩⟩


I was in the girls’ playhouse and she wanted in, too :)


“The Book with a Hole,” by Herve Tullet :) Lots of silliness caused by flipping through the pages…


Last night, the girls had their “Investiture Ceremony” for Girl Scouts. Each parent took turns putting the new vest on their Girl Scout. The girls were really excited to get their vests which already had some patches sewn on :)

Last weekend’s camping trip

Just some snapshots, really. I think we’re going again this weekend. What is wrong with us???


My cat’s TV set. Jared built him a perch next to the living room window. Just outside of that window hangs a birdfeeder and sits a birdbath. The cat will lay there all day just watching, being slowly tortured that… Continue reading ⟩⟩


Our friends’ baby, Finley :) She’s so tiny and perfect. And this is our cat’s brother. He’s even more of a trouble maker. We helped them move some things from our city to theirs, so we got there late and… Continue reading ⟩⟩


This is the tree right outside of my classroom door. I took this almost an hour before school started — just as kids were starting to roam the campus. I was relishing in the last moments of peace before Friday… Continue reading ⟩⟩


Avery is entering an art contest. She’s a pretty precise and creative arteeeest. I’m hoping she does well!


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