258 – 260.366

Another camping trip. Seriously, we have a sickness. We got there at almost sunset on Friday because of school, work, and soccer practice. But we got there just in time for the kids to hang out together for a while and literally ride their bikes in the dark :)

Afterward, the parents played some dice and maybe stayed up a little too late.

In the morning, everyone was up at the crack of dawn. Such is the life of camp-aholics.

At about 9am, the girls and I drove back home to go to our soccer games in the 105(ish) degree heat. It was miserable, and I truly don’t understand why games aren’t cancelled on days like that. But alas, we sunscreened ourselves and toted out our shade and cheered and were good sports. Afterward, we came back to the campsite tired and dirty to find that everyone there was tired and dirty, too.

The kids painted and went on a scavenger hunt and the adults sat around and watched and some of them may or may not have eaten 4-5 Rice Krispie treats and a half a bag of cheese popcorn. Ainsley also discovered that she and the umbrella had been separated at birth.

This morning we took our time packing up and I wandered around a while and took very important photos of very important things.

Avery and Ainsley went on a death-defying Jeep trip to nowhere. It kept them busy while Jared and I slaved away cleaning and packing up. All in all, it was fun and we have a good time whenever we go, but our RV/Camper envy is at an all-time high. The packing up on the last day is really almost like waterboarding to me. I despise it.

Before we left our campsite, we made sure to throw the birds some nuts and seeds so they’d pose for a picture for me. That never really panned out, but I did get a few of them in the trees while they waited for me to take my 12 inch zoom lens and get out of their forest, already.

Peace out, Angelus Oaks. I’d say we’ll be back next summer, but let’s face it, I’m going to get talked into this again in just a few weeks :)

2 Responses to 258 – 260.366

  1. It is a lot of work…but the pictures are glorious.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Btw, the girls in dresses camping…funny :)
    That bird. We don’t have those in Wis.
    Flowers on Coleman…love.
    Light in the woods…gorge.

  2. Kathy Austin says:

    Wonderful photos. I love Avery’s different coloured shoes.

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