A friend sent me this quote yesterday morning: “The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree is the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.” What a wonderful way to describe our morning. My kids were so sweet to each other, our breakfast was awesome, and exchanging gifts that we all put thought and love into — what an experience. I love my family :)

The girls thought it was hysterical that Santa ate every thing BUT the gingerbread man’s head…

Their Santa gift: Fijits. I’m hoping their batteries run out quickly :)

What a surprise for me! I tried this Swatch on in San Francisco about 5 times before deciding that I couldn’t justify buying it for myself :)

HAHA — this T-shirt. So sad but true. It made me remember that I wanted to scan a few 35mm shots from the 90’s that I’m working on today :)

Make-Your-Own-Monster Puppets from Aunt Dana — the girls LOVE these and are upstairs as I write this blog post writing the dialogue for a puppet show.

The girls’ jewelry boxes to hold their necklaces I had custom made for them:

Remote controlled cars from my Dad for the girls. Guess who’s played with them more???

Jared’s Winebreather Decanter. We’re both excited to use it!

After presents and playing with our new “stuff” for most of the day, we got ready and went to help Steve make ravioli. They were so, soooo good :)

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