225 and 226.366

Today was the first day I was at home and both of my kids were at school all day. I still teach on a shared teaching contract, which is not my choice to still be doing, and I logged into the substitute teacher system about four times between 5:30 and 7:30 before I gave up. Friends tell me it’s a sign to take more shoots and delve deeper into photography, but it just doesn’t feel right to me. Even though photography is my love, I feel like teaching is my career.

I have a to-do list sitting here in front of me as a type, however, and it’s filled with lots of crossed-out items, which makes me happy. It looks a little something like:

Organize file cabinet
Renew credential
Burn CD of rehearsal photos
Get more addresses collected
Buy flower girl shoes
Book hotel for Catalina
Restock drinks in the garage fridge
Finish going through old work boxes
Send jury duty excusal
Send DMV stuff
Rent party equipment
Order books for Ainsley’s birthday
Make hair appointment
Finish Girl Scout paperwork

Make alterations appointment
Put necklace together
Call Jason about order
Buy book covers for Avery’s textbooks
Make note-taking pamphlets for math classes
Re-do reading log

Add to spotify playlist
Ask gardener about broken sprinkler box

You get the point I guess. I got a lot done! But it still felt like all of this was supposed to be happening with chaos all around me.

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