The lemons on our tree and just ridiculously huge. They really should have been all trimmed down many weeks ago, but they’re up SO high on the tree, we don’t have the tools we need to get them down. Every day a few get too heavy and fall to the ground. Today’s example is actually pretty typical.

Ainsley was fascinated by this guy. Eventually she ripped it open and then complained about the mess she made. About two minutes after I took this picture, I walked barefoot onto the grass and stepped on something huge and sharp and it ‘stung’ the side of my foot. I still have no idea if it was something alive, or maybe a partial branch off of the tree (lemon trees can have MEAN thorns). But I’m not kidding — that pain went all of the way up my spine. Ironically, I’m the one always bitching to the kids to wear shoes outside…

Except for moments like that, it’s fun to have so much fruit and foliage in our yard. We use some of what grows, but the birds usually end up eating much of the fruit. It’s kind of a lot to keep up with. Now, if we could just get around to planting some mint, I’d very willingly volunteer myself to be the Mojito mint-muddler.

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