244 to 247.366

On Friday we had our yearly team spirit olympics at school. My students lost, but they still had lots of school spirit ;)

On Saturday, it was my birthday. We had a BBQ and some fun with family and friends. Nothing too crazy ;)

Yesterday morning we left for a quick camping trip. It was a nice reminder that we wish we had a camping trailer too. Packing up after having fun is never a very good time.

3 Responses to 244 to 247.366

  1. jodiec says:

    Allison, we love love love our camper. Bet you would too!!! (wink wink)

  2. flickr (Ourania2005) says:

    happy birthday dear !
    many wishes for health love and happiness !

  3. Lacey says:

    Happy Belated, Birthday! I would love to have a camper, too. :) It would eliminate any stress related to camping! :)

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