Between the kids and the dog, my window doesn’t stay clean for long. For a split-second, I actually contemplated not posting this picture because I was kind of embarrassed at how smudgy the window is, but alas, I don’t really give a crap. I could spend more time cleaning, sure. But I don’t want to :)

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  1. Jennifer E B says:

    GREAT capture, and exposure is perfect!

  2. Shiloh Fairbanks says:

    Love your attitude about the window cleaning {so many more important things to be done anyway!}, & love this shot! Thanks so much for overcoming your initial embarrassment {not worth it anyway!}.

  3. mereditz says:

    I want a cat but really I just want your cat. I never understood why cats were afraid of dogs. They don’t mess around! This is spectacular. I wonder how long you sat to get this.

    • Allison says:

      Actually, I only caught it by accident! I was sitting at my computer editing yesterday’s photo, and turned to watch them for a minute. My camera was right in front of me and ready to go, so I took the picture ;) One of my easier captures!

  4. Lorena C. says:

    hahahahha grrrrrrr! gotta love cats!

  5. LOVE! Kung Fu Kitten’s got it goin’ on, and how awesome are doggy’s ears and tail! I have two big dogs, two cats and two children. You should see my glass doors, LOL.

  6. ourania2005 says:

    Thank you for finally posting this shot …. who cares about everyday clean windows … I love this moment you captured !

  7. Ashleigh says:

    Oh my … I love this one! Cats vs. Dogs lol :) … I actually like the smudgey windows because that looks like real life to me :)

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