Thirty Days of Thankfulness, Day 17: Thankful that my husband not only supports my photography hobby, but encourages it as well. Yesterday after the girls’ (rainy!) soccer games, I told him I wanted to try to get a picture of the storm from up high, so he ran with the idea and drove me up into some fire roads to get up high. I only had my 85mm lens with me, which limited by ability to capture the scene, but I’m thankful he likes to give in to a whim just as much as I do :)

2 Responses to 322.366

  1. mereditz says:

    The story + the picture = YES.

  2. Joanne. says:

    You and I are very lucky to have Husbands who understand the obsession of photography. My Husband has gone to extremes to help me get some of my shots. :) Beautiful shot and I love the angle.

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