327.366 – 330.366

We’re back home from a camping trip to Johnson Valley with friends for Thanksgiving. It was the maiden voyage for our new (to us) family camping trailer. I used to pride myself on being a true camper and sleeping in a tent. Suffice it to say, tent camping is overrated ;) Just a few shots from our time out in the desert.

Thirty Days of Thankfulness, Day 22: Thankful for friends who like to have non-traditional Thanksgiving celebrations!

Thirty Days of Thankfulness, Day 23: Thankful for adventurous kids!

Thirty Days of Thankfulness, Day 24: Thankful that my kids are easily entertained!

Thirty Days of Thankfulness, Day 25: Thankful for desert trips. I love the desert!

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  1. Joanne. says:

    I love the lone cactus plant in the foreground….star trails look great as well.

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