WPPI 2013

My first time attending… I am going to try to never miss it again! So much fun, so many cool products, so many inspiring seminars. But mostly – total excuse for a girls’ weekend ;)

These are primarily taken with my iPhone — I did lug my camera around one day and pulled it out once. It was too much to carry around with me!

Our lovely view of the Hooters Hotel :) LOL

My kids would have been in heaven at the little candy shop…

Waiting for a class to begin…

A picture of the screen at a Photobooth example. It was a nice setup ;)

The Expo — Not easy to capture how massive it was.

I got to stand this close to Jose Villa as he spoke to a very small group for 30 minutes or so. He is really, really my favorite, it was perfect timing and right place/right time…

There were all kinds of crazy things going on…

A grainy iPhone pic with my photographer friend Monica — I had the best time with her and the other girls I met up with! And a screencap of the proof that my kids really, really missed me, LOL :)

Goodbye, Las Vegas. I’ll never forget you!

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