Happy Summer Vacation!

We’re halfway through the first week of summer, and although we haven’t gone on many adventures just yet, we have turned the house upside down (the kids’ rooms, specifically) cleaning things out and getting rid of toys and clothes that we no longer use. My husband totally turned the garage inside out so that we can park both cars in there as we got a new car and wanted to garage it. Our house was a MESS but seems to be getting put back together nicely, with lots more free space and a few bags filled with hand-me-downs are stuffed into the back of the Jeep as I type this. I guess I’m calling it “Spring Cleaning” even though there is only a week left of spring ;) And today I have two photo shoots so my next goal is going to be to clean out all of my folders of RAW files and bring my collective 2.5T of used memory on my computer and external hard drives down to a manageable amount. Whew!

So glad it’s summer vacation!

Our inaugural ‘first day of summer’ Friday night with friends:
First Day of Summer!

Right outside the backdoor shoe collection:
My children were here

And the guardian of the shoe collection:Sasha, keeping the shoe collection company

I finally planted my collection of loose succulents. I still want a succulent garden in the backyard, but not until my husband can build a cross fence to keep the dogs from eating it…
My summer windowsill

The cat found my crochet box…
So cliche

Avery is convinced that she can build fairy homes and leave gifts and notes for the fairies and one will “adopt” her… after the Elf on the Shelf, I’m not sure mama needs this going on, too.
Fairy Swing

The hammock is getting a lot of use. Although Avery fell off of it yesterday and didn’t appreciate having to go through that tumble…
This just makes a mama happy

And last but not least, my little pretty freckle-faced girl. I just love this kid. She is Hell on wheels. That is for serious.
My pretty little Freckles McGee

Now I’ve got some coffee to drink and Today Show to watch!

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