Vacation to the Big Island – Hawaii, 2013

In October, my husband and I went for a short vacation to the Big Island. I had never been there before – compared to the islands I have been to, Hawaii is very very much the most volcanic! Such a cool landscape. We mostly stuck around the resort we stayed at (The Hilton Waikoloa Village — GORGEOUS!) but we did rent a car one day and drove all over the island. We had such a great time :)

One engine on our plane failed, so we boarded, then got off again, then waited for four hours for a new plane. In the meantime, we had a couple of cocktails and some lunch at LAX.



Eventually, we were in the air…

Over the Pacific

Our hotel was gorgeous :) Lots to photograph.



Hilton Waikoloa

There was a “Museum Walk” which spanned the distance all the way around the hotel. Lots of beautiful artifacts, sculptures, and other creations. It was a nice way to start our day when we walked to breakfast each morning.



The sunsets in Hawaii are breathtaking!

Hawaiian Sunset

Waikoloa Sunset

Our drive around the island proved to be just as beautiful…

Contrasting Countryside

The Waipio Valley coastline:

Waipio Coast

Rainbow Falls:


It was a lovely getaway – we relaxed most of the time, which was our primary goal ;)

Pina Coladas

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