Death Valley, March 2014 (76.365 – 80.365)

Jared and I took the kids camping in Death Valley for the first time this Spring Break. We’d never attempted it before because we knew it wouldn’t be as interesting to them as it is to us, but this year we asked what they’d like to do, and they both were very excited to go :) We spent 5 days there exploring, hiking, and taking photographs together. They were OBSESSED with taking pictures :) I haven’t even downloaded their pictures onto the computer yet!


4 Responses to Death Valley, March 2014 (76.365 – 80.365)

  1. angela king says:

    These are gorgeous. Your tones are always fantastic. I can’t wait to see what shots the girls got!

  2. jen says:

    Breathtaking views. Love your perspective! The photo of the people on the overlook, what do they see? …I assume a nice mountain view. Here in the Midwest, we don’t have too many overlooks..and if we do, it’s usually a view of the Great Lakes.

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