Housewarming Party!

Move = last weekend, thrown-together housewarming party = this weekend :)


All of the kids had blueberry faces — the blueberries were so juicy that they all had purple-stained lips.

My mom has these at her house — for people’s drinks. We got some, too, as a housewarming gift :)

Since we don’t yet have a couch for our front room, it turned into a dance party/confetti throwing area. The kids had lots of fun with the big open space…

Love this shirt! (my friend’s husband)

We got lots of wine and some beautiful flowers to celebrate the new place :)

One Response to Housewarming Party!

  1. angela king says:

    looks like a great time! the food and the wine look so yummy! and i want that target bag! i’ve never seen it before. :)

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