So behind! {16/30} through {19/30}

It’s been a busy week… I’ve been taking the pictures for the 30-Day Challenge, but no time to upload! So here’s a multiple-day catch-up :)

Day 16 – “long exposure”

Day 17- “technology” – my DVR’s talk to each other :) So cool!

Day 18 – “your shoes” – I kick them off by the door…

Day 19 – “Orange” — got the Halloween decorations down tonight for some decorating tomorrow. Halloween is like a 5-week long event :)

6 Responses to So behind! {16/30} through {19/30}

  1. angela king says:

    i love these! i’m behind too. dvr’s talking to each other might be the best invention ever. {besides the iphone of course}. so jealous of you….i can never ever wear heals. and i love the pumpking decorations. :)

  2. Kim mills says:

    What cute halloween lights! I miss my DVR. Sexy shoes.

  3. You inspire me. Great shots Allison.

  4. Jodi says:

    Love your long exposure, and your pumpkin lights are cute!!

  5. jessican says:

    These are awesome, all of them. I love the pumpkins. :)

  6. Marisa says:

    Gosh, I love everyone of these so much, too much to comment about. ROFL

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