Thirty Days of Thankfulness, Day 4 of 30

I’m catching up from being out of town over the weekend… As we drove up from Southern to Northern California, I was thinking how thankful I am that I live in California :) Although some of my state is overcrowded and I never visit the places most tourists want to see, once you get out of Southern California, the drive between here and San Francisco is GORGEOUS, especially on a rainy/cloudy day! Once we reached the SF area, the great espanses dissappeared and I tried to capture the beauty in traffic. It took us 45 minutes just to cross the Bay Bridge…

3 Responses to Thirty Days of Thankfulness, Day 4 of 30

  1. angela king says:

    wow! these are super gorgeous. love that bokey bridge. :)

  2. Yvette says:

    Clearly I’m catching up on my RSS feeds… oh how I LOVE the bokeh shots!! And I have to know… do you just have your camera with you at all times? What lens do you carry? I love how you assemble your shots too. They tell a great story!

  3. Allison says:

    Yvette — I do carry it everywhere, and I’ve found that the lens that I always seem to grab is my 50mm :) I did take several of these with my 70-300 though! Thanks for the compliments! If only someone wanted to pay me to take pictures of nothing all day!

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