Collage of Elf on Shelf Ideas from 2013

These appeared separately on my blog last December, but I always get many hits during the holiday season from people looking for Elf on the Shelf ideas, so I thought I’d put last year’s into a collage like I’ve done in the past. Here goes :)

Collage from 2011 | Collage from 2012


Avery’s 10th Birthday

I officially do not make a good blogger :) It’s tough to find the time! I have lots of my daily project photos to catch up on. I thought I’d share some photos from Avery’s 10th birthday party yesterday. I hadn’t put this much effort into a birthday party in a long time. I figured her 10th was a special one, so we’ve all been working hard on the planning for a couple of weeks.

Her wish was to have as many friends as possible play Minecraft simultaneously on our wifi. We discovered that only 5 kids can join a “world” at a time – or at least that’s the conclusion the kids came to. We went with the Minecraft theme – which was actually quite easy and inexpensive to pull off. Pinterest is enormously helpful for things like this ;)


365 Project for June 2014

Since I’m terrible about posting even once a month, making a collage of a month after it’s over seems to be easier to manage for me… it’s also a complete disaster behind the scenes on my blog – I just had to mark 1,684 comments as spam out of 1,684 comments total, working with 20 at a time. UGHHHHH. I need to figure out how to do a ‘captcha’ or something.


Jeff + Lexx are engaged!

These two have lots of fun together!


365 from May 2014

And now I’m caught up :)


365 from April 2014

A collage of the entire month. They aren’t in order as I needed to place them according to size and orientation rather than date ;)


Well geez, I’m only 80 some days behind on sharing my 365!

I’m going to catch up a little at a time and try harder not to be such a slacker ;)

A collage of days 76 to 90. About half of March 2014.


Death Valley, March 2014 (76.365 – 80.365)

Jared and I took the kids camping in Death Valley for the first time this Spring Break. We’d never attempted it before because we knew it wouldn’t be as interesting to them as it is to us, but this year we asked what they’d like to do, and they both were very excited to go :) We spent 5 days there exploring, hiking, and taking photographs together. They were OBSESSED with taking pictures :) I haven’t even downloaded their pictures onto the computer yet!


69.365 – 75.365

69.365 – Sunrise over the mountains




71.365 – Big plans :)


72.365 – I finally finished “Gone Girl.” I suppose it could have ended in a worse way, but compared to all of the hype, it was just meh to me. I often feel that way about the latest book everyone is raving about. I rarely love it as much as everyone convinces me that I will.


73.365 – sunset silhouettes




75.365 – The Magoo



My husband built me a camera closet! We used the coat closet near our front door (which never really housed any coats…) and converted it into a storage closet for my gear. First he installed a few shelves where I keep my Pelican case and other bulky items. Then, he put in several $3 Ikea spice racks to hold lenses and other gear.

I told him that I want to close and lock the door so it all will stay clean and organized forever!



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