Monthly Archives: October 2011

Belated Birthday Costume Party

Avery had her friends over today for a costume party. It was lots of fun :) I missed taking a few pictures of things I wanted to capture because I was so busy trying to be in charge of all… Continue reading ⟩⟩


Cool Cat :)


Ahhhhh, Halloween Costume Day at middle school. I both love it and dread it… I always kind of call it a ‘wash’ and do activites that would otherwise be wasting valuable instruction time. Today we had a raffle – lots… Continue reading ⟩⟩

Princess Leia’s Buns

I bet you never knew they were so fuzzy? I finished these just in time for several Halloween engagments this weekend… they’re for Ainsley :)


My students’ cloud projects, made of cotton. They’re in middle school, yes, but they still secretly like to make crafts and glue stuff together ;)


Our $7 outdoor chandelier. We found it at Lowe’s a while back and it was a little bent and out of whack. We bought it anyway and we managed to bend it back into a pretty darn perfect circle :)


Birds in the rain. They were singing happily :) This was taken with my iPhone, and rendered almost no color because it was such a gray day.


Monday: post-school, pre-homework time :) Obviously these are photos layered together, but I think it captures the craziness well.


Trouble. Or, also known by his other nickname, “Julio Iglesias.”


Sunset on the drive home from the mountains :)