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Pop Goes the Weasel

I’m not really sure what to call this little game they play. But as the dog runs around and around the coffee table, the tune of “Pop Goes the Weasel” starts in my head and the game usually ends with… Continue reading ⟩⟩

Relishing the down time…

Just a few days left of vacation. We’re trying to soak up every moment that we don’t HAVE to be somewhere :)


Thirty Days of Thankfulness, Day 30: Thankful for photography. It makes me think, makes me react, and makes me feel something, everything. Without photography, I’d be lost. I’m thankful to have a husband who ‘gets’ me and children who willingly… Continue reading ⟩⟩


Thirty Days of Thankfulness, Day 15: Thankful for our animals :) They provide much laughter, much snuggling, much pet hair.

267 and 268.366

Puppy and kitty getting all of the attention… Life has been too crazy lately. I’m ready for a break. Too much soccer, too much homework, too many things to remember and do for the wedding in 20-something days. We want… Continue reading ⟩⟩


I was in the girls’ playhouse and she wanted in, too :)


The cat and the new dog are getting along famously. And by “famously,” I mean there have been hardly any violent episodes that might have required the help of the emergency vet that I have on speed dial. Kidding of… Continue reading ⟩⟩