Spring Break Camping Trip, Day One

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This vacation, we were supposed to go to the river with my parents for several days, but my brother was in an accident, and my parents wanted to stay close to home (he’s going to be okay – it was just a scary few days…) Despite saying I was DONE with camping for a while, it was an easy alternative to doing nothing, and the girls would have been heart broken if we had just stayed home. So, we took them camping to the closest, warmest, easiest to plan on the fly place and we all had a really good time. Our next camping trip (that is planned ahead of time…) isn’t until June, and after the nice little reminder of how much work it is to take two kids camping, I won’t be scheduling any more trips between now and June :)

And, I was all set to take some star trails photos, but DUH, I forgot to bring my camera battery charger, so I burned through two out of my three batteries in an hour trying to capture a few to stitch together. I am pretty mad at myself as the moon didn’t even come out until 1:30am, it was so dark, and so calm, and such a perfect night to do star trails. I caught ONE passable one before my two batteries died, and I wasn’t about to let the third one go dead too. Fooey! Next time I’ll plan better — although, you can’t exactly CHANGE the battery while you’re in the midst of doing a series of shots like this, so I’m at a loss for what to do next time, too. A battery grip, I guess…

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