Spring Break Camping, Day Two

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2 Responses to Spring Break Camping, Day Two

  1. Kelly Kardos says:

    Hi Allison, I stumbled onto you blog and simply blown away by your shots. Those dunes are fabulous. I like how u said you are a serious hobbiest- I guess that would describe me too. The next thing on my list is bein able to take outdoor shots like the ones here. I’m awful at it. I love the shots of your daughters hats peeking thru the dunes. Do u use a filter? I see sun and I just draw a
    Blank on how to shoot in I’ll sun. Would u mind terribly sharing the settings u used?
    My blog address is
    Thank u for any help u can offer.

  2. Michelle says:

    Oh, Allison! You are my kind of girl! I love your images you share… your girls are adorable and I look forward to checking (stalking) your blog daily. Awesome stuff girl!

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