From the Archives, December 2008

There’s no rhyme or reason to how I’m going back and editing old photos. When I used to import from my camera to my computer, I used to use the Nikon software, and after a couple of years, I realized what a big mistake that was. I prefer to organize by year/month/description of event than to put every photo from an import into a folder with just a number. Hello “Picture Project!” Yikes, what horrible software that is/was. It’s not easy to find what I’m looking for, and everything is just in a numbered folder from 001 to 671. It spans several years… it’s overwhelming! So I’m slowly going back and changing how things are organized, and it’s made it all just a little easier so far.

This one is just a simple snap of Avery. I’m trying to gather some older photos of the girls so I can combine them with the newer ones I already have printed and framed :)

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