Patriotic Program, from February

Tonight I was talking with Avery about her upcoming play (in which she plays the LEAD role… heart palpitations for mom…) and it dawned on me that I never went through photos of Ainsley’s Patriotic Program from two months ago. Taking photos in a dark cafeteria behind a crowd who are all holding up their cell phones to get pictures isn’t exactly what I’d call the best circumstances, and I’m always pretty bummed out with what I capture in the poorly-lit, overcrowded room. HOWEVER, the girls don’t care if my photos stink, so I promised her I’d go through some after she went to bed tonight :)

Showing off her sticker – ready to march to the cafeteria.

A little nervous anticipation…

Circling around into their positions:

Waiting for her “line”

Presenting Lady Liberty!

Fluting, dancing, and attempting to do “America the Beautiful” in sign language (her teacher is ambitious!)

Posing and showing off her Presidents’ Day book she made:

Their presidential portraits, so cute :)

BFF’s :)

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