Awesome Actions!

I don’t usually run actions on my pictures, just some tweaks I use often that don’t really follow any sort of sequence. My very talented friend Kristin of Kristin Rachelle Photography has just launched some awesome actions, however, so I gave them all a “go” on this picture of Avery. I think they’re pretty darn great! They’re available here for anyone who’s interested!

Here is the original photo of Avery, and then each of the actions run on that original. What fun plays they turned out to be :)

Thanks Kristin, they’re so lovely and easy to run and fiddle with!

4 Responses to Awesome Actions!

  1. Those are AWESOME!

  2. Sarah says:

    The caramel latte and soft haze are really pretty.

  3. dana says:

    When you begin with such a beautiful model and an awesome photographer, every picture is spectacular. My favorite is the warmer vintage black and white; I am such a sucker for the old time look. She looks like an actress in all of them, but in that one especially!

  4. Marina says:

    You have really interesting blog, keep up posting such informative posts!

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