On and off, all day long, he sits upstairs and bats at things to make them fall down to the first story. The dog, upon seeing something fall suddenly (and not realizing she’s the cat’s pawn), picks the items up in her mouth, one by one, only to get a little scolding for carrying around something that is not her toy.

The cat sits above, watching the scene, probably doing some cat-like snicker in his mind, and waits a few minutes until he can do it all over again.

Anything seems to be fair game. My shoe, one of the girls’ stuffed animals, today it was even the scrub-sponge from the girls’ bathtub, which meant he had to climb into the bathtub and retrieve it, carry it in his mouth to the right spot, and then drop it off the ledge.

You’d better believe this cat is controlling all of us. He sits up there and silently judges us as we all scramble like fools down below.

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