My Kitchen

My kitchen is so tiny, but “well-lived-in.” That’s a nice way of saying it’s sometimes a little too close for comfort and if I don’t sweep several times a day, the kids’ crumbs are everywhere. I’m thankful for Ikea and cheap, easy-to-install organizational systems like these shelves.

There are pluses to this kitchen, though… the light that streams in is so pretty and warm. Even on cold, gloomy days like today. This was early this morning, before the girls and I made a huge mess baking a cake. I love the routine of getting up early, sometimes before the sun, even when I don’t have to, and making coffee, breakfast, and reading the newspaper. Sometimes I wish I lived further out from the city so I could better enjoy a slower life. But then, I’d probably miss convenience and noise.

Edited to add: That clock has said 9:05 for years… I’m too lazy to wind it every third day…

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