Adventures in Baking

The girls and I (mostly Ainsley, though Avery’s interest was certainly piqued when licking the utensils was mentioned…) baked a cake today for a friend’s birthday. Ainsley is VERY motivated to cook… it’s amazing, because I’m pretty sure I was only born with a baking gene, so baking we did. I thought it’d be fun to document it for her so she could see herself in action. I really didn’t do a whole lot, just supervised, measured things, washed dishes, and documented. They added sprinkles at the end, and it was kind of lacking in creativity, so I added some dorky swirls which were a hit with the birthday girl. It was a fun process. Too bad we can’t eat cake every day! When we finally got to have a slice, Ainsley told me, “Mom, I make the best cakes ever.” She’s so modest!

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  1. Dred242 says:

    Cake baking has been around like FOREVER but has recently become the new thing to do for most kids. My daughter (age 13) recently took cake decorating classes and has fallen in love with baking cakes and making then all pretty. My wife joined in and now we have a house filled with pretty cakes. I’d offer you one but I see you have your hands full.

  2. dana says:

    Love these photos. The King Arthur Baker’s Catalogue should hire you and the girls to publicize its products!

  3. Awww you did a great job! How did it taste?

  4. Great series of this delicious adventure! Ainsley sure enjoyed the whole process. She’s has the happiest expression on the ‘chocolate lips’ portrait. Adorable! The swirly finishing touch was perfect!

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