The Make Your Egg Not Explode-inator

Avery had a small science project to create and turn in yesterday. The goal was to build something that would protect a raw egg from breaking when the janitor at school dropped it off the roof of the back of the cafeteria. It was THE biggest most exciting thing in Avery’s life since… Christmas? First we hollowed out half an egg shape out of two car wash sponges, then enclosed the egg. Then, we cut holes in a box so we could suspend the sponges with elastic inside of the box. Then we attached a parachute and Avery added her project’s name. Dare I say that the name of her project was probably the coolest thing about it :) Her teacher (and Ainsley’s too!) got a good old chuckle out of it. So proud of my girl for helping figure out how the create the project, and SO relieved that her egg didn’t break. She would have been slightly devastated…

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