Egg Decorating

The girls and I decorated a dozen eggs for Easter. I decorated one, and they did the rest. We started off by first putting one egg into each color and then added more layers of color onto those eggs. They also used crayons to draw designs on some of them, and kept plopping their already-decorated eggs into all different colors over and over again. I really thought we were going to end up with a bunch of brown, ugly Easter eggs! But, I wanted them to do the decorating… I only encouraged a little and suggested what to do/what not to do. I am usually pretty good about letting them use their own creativity instead of mine, but when you’re talking about dye that smells like vinegar all over the kitchen table, I had to at least keep them from making a total disaster! Here are some pictures to share. I really love the candids of moments like this so much more than anything staged :)

Happy Easter!

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