Christmas morning :)

I took the first picture just after midnight Christmas Eve/Day. We had family over and I was waiting until the last possible moment to put all of the presents out. My kids got a LOT of books, a few toys, some puzzles, clothes, etc. I’m thankful that they like books, because when it’s all said and done, they sure do get a lot more out of those books than they do out of one or two toys they only pick up a few more times. That said, Santa did bring them some pretty cool girl-geared Lego sets and, of course, that is what they wanted to play with once we cleaned up :) The cat reallllly wanted to be a part of things, and he’s pretty harmless. The dog, however, had to be locked up so that she didn’t make off with pieces from their sets and chew them up. She’s become notorious for eating things that are not food… Merry Christmas!


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