Dealing with a hard drive failure over here… sigh

Fortunately I had my sentimental stuff backed up, but unfortunately I am pretty limited with photography for the time being. I have a new harddrive on the way, and for now, I do have Photoshop loaded onto my laptop, but my laptop is a dinosaur and can’t really handle too many tasks at once. I shoot in RAW so I need software to process my ‘stuff,’ and this has been eye-opening for me as it is very clear that I’m totally obsessed with photography, and I’m JONESING to have my regular old setup back!

Just a few recent photos :)

Silly Girl

Bubbles of Light


Beer statistics collection. Important stuff.

My kinda Saturday

Weekend warriors:

Weekend Warriors

The “Mogwai”

The Mogwai

Cold morning + hot tea:

Cold Morning

Shadow Play:

Shadow Play

Occupy the Homework Table:

Protesting Homework

Hanging in the backyard:

Hanging in the backyard

For sale:


Burrage Mansion, Redlands, CA – such a cool place :)

Burrage Mansion

Dog’s eye view:

Sister Molly Margaret

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