You know what happens…

…when you don’t post on your blog for two weeks? Well, only two things here. I got 11 spam replies to posts I’ve made, and one friend who asked when I was going to get off of my behind and post something. So, all in all, not much happens ;)

I have a bonafide excuse. I’ve been busy! I shot a wedding and have been slowly editing those photos. We adopted another dog, too. Let me tell you, it’s a lot like going from one child to two. It’s double the work. So now I have two children AND two dogs. That’s a lot of responsibility that I brought upon myself voluntarily ;)

I’ve still been clicking away here and there, but with this wedding I’m editing, I don’t have much gusto for going out and shooting my own stuff. I’ll get there eventually!

Add that to my failed harddrive and it was just a crappy month of April. Or a busy one. Or both.

So, first things first, here’s Sasha. We rescued her from the animal shelter and she’s been here for a week today :) She’s such a dope, which makes me love her all the more.

Absolutely Normal Chaos

We had a family sleepover (after having a Girl Scout sleepover the night prior) and it was more or less one crazy moment after another with lots of children and animals and adults who were all starved for some much needed family-friendly(ish) fun…


This little guy was pretty popular on Flickr one day — #7 for the day! And yes, after being on Flickr for this many years, I still get a little excited when my photo makes Explore :)

Alien Earthling

And then my sorority sisters and I had an adventurous day in my town one Saturday that allowed me to photograph this parking garage that I’ve been wondering how I could get access to when it’s empty for many, many years. Too bad I wasn’t really prepared for it… but, at least I had my d300 with me that day…

Parking Garage

I woke up early to take this very important picture of discarded fruit in my backyard one Saturday (I think it was a Saturday)

Lemon in the Morning Light

There was this one night where my husband and I went for a date. One of our favorite places and occasions (the Palm Springs Market Night, love it!)

Liquid Gold

And I paid this dude $2 to take his picture…

Street Performer

On the occasion of Avery’s 8 1/2th birthday (yes, I know 1/2th is not a real number)

Sunshine Day

Pre new dog times:


I walked through mud in flip flops for this, and I’m not even really sure it was worth it:


The harddrive from my computer that got swapped out. So far so good on the new one that is in there…

When life gives you failed hard drives...

So, that’s it. I wonder often who visits here, and then I realize at least ONE friend asked why I had nothing new, so I guess that’s reason enough to make sure I post more often!

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