Happy Saturday!

The school year is winding down here and both my kids and I have been busy with lots of extra things going on. We’re all ready for summer, for sure!

Sasha is feeling right at home. As I type this, my husband is off to grab some breakfast for us and both dogs are in the back of the Jeep with the top down. I’d say they have very little to complain about!

Sasha <3

Molly sees Sasha as more of a mother, I think. It’s kind of an interesting dynamic. She’s still a spaz.

Lazy Pup

We’ve been doing some work in the garage to make it ready for a new car. It’s time. My Honda Accord has 110,000 miles on it, and it needs some major work, so we’re deciding still what to do – fix the Honda or buy something new – and if it’s something new, I want to park in the garage, which isn’t possible at this point (two car garage and too much ‘stuff’). So that’s been a fun weekend project that has spanned many weekends. It’s a good thing we have a refrigerator out there with beer and pretty setting sun light…

Beers in the garage

I took this nifty little self portrait which was done with a Lensbaby, and as a result, was very kind to my wrinkles ;)

Lensbaby Self Portrait

I went through a couple more pictures of our weekend away at our friends’ house several weeks ago. I took too many pictures. This is always my problem.

Peek a Boo :)

When we got there, Avery heard a kitten meowing (they had gotten on the day before and we weren’t aware) — and said, “It’s too good to be true!” That poor little kitten didn’t walk on his own much that weekend…

Her definition of Heaven...

All these toys and the cardboard box was the best one of all…


Just a couple portrait type photos of my girls :) They are getting so big and so wise and so much like teenagers that occasionally talk back. Sigh…


Little Pretty One :)

A little stab at an idea I’ve seen before…


And who could forget the Dom. He’s the one who is truly in charge of this household.

The Dom

Hope all of you out there reading this are having a great weekend so far :)

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