Plugging along through summer

Only a few weeks left of summer vacation… we’ve had a great time being overly busy for days in a row, only to come home and literally not leave the house for a day or two. I like that about summer :)

We went up the coast for a few days:

Ahoy There

Surfer at the Strand

The supermoon happened while we were there:

Super Moon (ish)

And I did a little promo pic for Click Magazine :)

Click Magazine and Ketti Bag

We hung around the house for a few days here and there…

Avery drawing and writing in the backyard:

Drawing in the backyard :)

Summer grapes:

Grapes on a Summer Day

Free fortune-telling services:

Madame Avery

Sasquatcha (real name Sasha…):

My pretty, dopey girl

Saw some pretty sunsets:

SoCal Sunset

Sunset from our street

Had some pancakes:

Saturday Morning Bribery Pancakes

Sasha got herself spayed…


Domino wondered WHY he has to tolerate the humans:

The Dude

I admitted I have a problem:

Schedule the Intervention

The girls discussed an intervention for my problem:

Chatting in the Garage

We bathed occasionally:

We've got a floater over here

The girls held the whole world, in their hands:

Summertime Project

Our gardener went on strike:
Oh, gardener?

And the lemons he neglected to collect ended up growing limbs and overturning the government:

Holy Schnitzel

So we retreated to the lake one day:

Day at the Lake :)

And to Grammy’s house a different day:

Part Fish

Summer Swimmer

From behind the ficus tree

We’re back home now to watch the cat devise a plan for ending global warming.

Felinus Pensivus

Tomorrow brings a week-long beach trip and lots of fun and sun :)

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