On Sunday we wandered Ikea for a few hours. We’re in this weird situation where we’ve been in escrow on a home for 60+ days and it’s probably not going to close on time again. Now we’re debating — do we just stay put for a while? Lots of things we love about the ‘new’ house, but lots of signs that perhaps it’s not the right fit. So, we wandered looking at new kitchen cabinets and countertops and lots of things ;) My kids had never done the tour of Ikea before – they always have gone to the playland, but the Ikea in Covina, CA’s play area is closed for remodeling (just in case you’re headed that direction with excited children). Only one of them complained that she was bored and it only happened while we were standing around taking notes and measuring things. I sort of love Ikea :)

These are just some quick iPhone shots…

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