28.365 to 39.365

It’s so easy to fall behind :o

28.365 — Ainsley in front of a church in our town. No real reason. We just stopped and snapped a picture.


29.365 — Casa de Frida


30.365 – The lookout man




32.365 — The girls both got new loft beds. They LOVE them. They have been wanting to read on their own at night to enjoy their new digs. They also both now have a light up there specifically for reading. Each night, we all squeeze into my bed and read our own books, side by side, then they retire and read on their own for 15-20 more minutes. It’s been great :)


33.365 — Superbowl Sunday. The kids spent it playing baseball and chasing bubbles.


34.365 — the library at school :) Our librarian is just about the cutest little thing, ever. I told her that I was going to take some pictures back in the back room and she said, “Of course. Why wouldn’t you?”


35.365 — the orange groves that I pass every day taking my kids to school. I finally had my camera with me and stopped off quickly to take a picture. No one was left working for the day at this point. All of the oranges were just sitting in crates on the side of the road.


36.365 — not all seagulls live a beach lifestyle. Some live an eat-the-lunch-crumbs-at-the-middle-school-in-the-suburbs lifestyle.


37.365 – A rainy Thursday morning.


38.365 — the 10 freeway at night. I have taken many a photo from this same vantage point.


39.365 — Sasha, AKA “the Sasquatch.”


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