From the Passenger’s Seat…

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We spent the last few days up north of Santa Barbara camping at the beach. It was a great time — the girls had SO much fun. I love helping to give them experiences like this… I know they will appreciate it when they’re older :) I tried not to overdo it with my camera because that many days of dirty, sandy, smoky camping isn’t good for camera equipment, but I did lug it around with me quite a bit. I can’t help it — I see the world through my viewfinder too often! Here are a few pics just from the front seat. I have SO many to go through :)

We broke down and bought a car DVD player for the girls…. 9+ hours of driving for this trip, 12+ hours of driving next week, 6+ hours of driving the week after that… it’s not fair to expect kids to sit in the car for that many hours.

El Camino Real :)

I asked the girls to also take pictures with their iPhones, but have yet to go through all of those pictures. Here they are shooting me shooting them.

“Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”

300mm through the driver’s side window, moving at 70mph on the 101 freeway — Love my VR lens!

| On the way | Day One | Day Two | Day Three | Last Day |

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