Craft Saturday

The girls and I spent a couple of hours making fun crafts on Saturday morning. It was a welcomed diversion from all of the stressful things going on lately. First we tried making tissue paper flowers, and we all failed miserably. My tissue paper was gift-grade, not craft-grade. It ripped easily and clearly wasn’t made to withstand the yanking and folding we were doing to it! So then I thought it might work for paper lanterns, and we tackled that idea easily. I used to make them with students years ago, but haven’t done it in a while. The girls were amazed that I could just whip up a paper lantern in only a couple of minutes ;) I never told them I’d probably helped make hundreds of them with students over the years…

Sadly, I left them hanging in the tree overnight and it rained last night, and one of them took a little bit of a hit with the water damage… we stapled it back together and Ainsley didn’t seem too upset, so now they’re inside hanging from the ceiling :)

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