Camping in Angelus Oaks

We took a 4-day camping trip to Angelus Oaks for Memorial Day Weekend. We left right after school on Friday and came home Monday afternoon. I did two things that really surprised even myself – hardly took any photos, and lived ‘off the grid’ for the entire trip! It was a very nice departure from the daily grind :)

I did have to capture a few, though. Including some with our horse and unicorn masks, which everyone either thought were super funny or super creepy. I’m not sure how I feel about them myself. A favorite memory was when we were sitting around in a big circle (there were 8 families, most all there at the same time, and a total of 15 kids, if I counted right?!?!?) and some dudes dressed in Civil War garb came moseying down the trail on their horses. My husband BOOKED IT to our trailer to get his horse mask, so that he could BOOK IT back to the trail and pet the horses. I, of course, then had to run to get my camera to capture it. I love that guy – what a weirdo.

Nice Horsey

Then my 8-year-old and her friend Bridget obliged me for a picture in the meadow…

Silly girls in a field

And other than a few pictures of my dogs, this was really the only other shot I took. It was nice to put both my camera and phone down and just hang out and ‘be.’

Pinecone in the sunset

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