The obligatory “Butterfly Wall” pictures :)

As is obvious, I’ve done this every year. I always have to fudge a little at the end because I can’t quite make it on the last day since I am in my own classroom on the last day of school.

My 8 year old today asked what I’ll do when she leaves elementary school and moves on to middle school. And my answer was, “I have no idea!” Anyway, just sharing these photos, which, fantastic photography attempts aside, stay some of my proudest photographs as the years pass by :)

Today Avery won the 3rd grade spelling bee. This was especially exciting for her as she was excused from doing spelling all year long and did independent study projects instead during that time. This makes this English nerd of a mama real, real proud :)

Click to enlarge if you like.

And Ainsley May, be still my heart. It took until the second to the last day of first grade for her to be brave enough, but this morning, she let me DROP HER OFF. I know some people might think… “and?” AND she didn’t have a complete meltdown over the whole thing. I had to be back and forth all day today at both their school and mine in hour and a half intervals, and my first interval needed to start at 8am, which is drop off time. I usually walk them both to their rooms and stand with Ainsley in her line to kiss her goodbye. Today, because I had so much going on, I told her I needed her to be ‘dropped off’ and I needed her to be brave, and she was <3 Click to enlarge if you like.

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